ANTI MICROBIAL AND ANTI-VIRAL COATINGS (In Technical Colloboration with IIT Ropar)

Surface Disinfectant 7 days coat/refill (Concentrate)

Key Features

1. Gives 2x shine on Surfaces.

2. Broad spectrum disinfectant with cleaner cum 7 days coating.
3. Bactericidal , virucidal and fungicidal action.
4. Kills organism that cause odour and work as an odour counter act.
5. Can be used for daily cleaning, daily application renews the coating for next 7 days.
6. Alcohol free
7. Non Corrosive, non tainting, Non staining.
Hospital Disinfection:
Use of broad spectrum disinfectant coating reduces the Risk of nosocomial infections by more than 90% as it is effective for longer term after application as compared to instant disinfectant.
Application Surfaces
1. Glass/Mirrors
2. Appliances
3. Slab/surfaces
4. Door Handles
5. Chairs, Office tables, cash counters, any surface that has a regular touch contact
6. Kitchen slab
Directions for Use
Spray BV -Clean and wipe the surface to clean and make an Anti viral coat for 7 days. Its repeat application renews the coating for next 7 days.
1. Unplug electrical appliances before using the product.
2. For external surfaces only.
3. Spray and wipe immediately to avoid seepage in groove and openings of appliances.
4. Avoid direct spray on electric screens.
5. Test on hidden areas of surfaces before use.
6. Keep out of reach of children.
7. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact wash immediately with a large amount of water.
8. In case of ingestion rinse out immediately and seek medical attention.