We also offer an endless list of pharmaceutical injectables like anti-malerials injectables, anti-ulcers injectables, anesthetics injectables, pain killers injectables, multivitamins injectables, etc which are one of the most common health-care procedures. Our array of pharmaceutical injectable are sterilized and safe. These pharmaceutical injectables are made of various chemical formulations.

NIZOTRAX - 250 Ceftriaxone (250mg) with WFI
NIZOTRAX - 1000Ceftriaxone (1000mg) with WFI
NIZOTRAX - SCeftriaxone(1000mg) + Sulbactum(500mg)+ WFI
NIZOTRAX-S 375Ceftriaxone(250mg)+Sulbactum(125mg) WFI
NIZOTRAX-S KIDCeftriaxone(125mg)+Sulbactum(62.5mg) +WFI
MORE 500Meropenem 500mg.
MORE 1000Meropenem 1000mg
PAINIL Piroxicam 20mg./ml
NIZOCIN - 100Amikacin Sulphate (100mg)
NIZOCIN 250Amikacin Sulphate (250mg)
NIZOCIN 500Amikacin Sulphate (500mg)
ABERAα-β Arteether 150mg / 2 ml
MELA -500 Mecobalamlin 500mcg
MELA -1500Mecobalamlin 1500mcg (Blister pack)
MINIDOL - KDiclofenac Potassium 75 mg / 3ml
CANON 25Nandrolone Decanoate 25 mg
CANON 50 Nandrolone Decanoate 50 mg
LEXIDOL Tramadol 100 mg
PANMINT Pantoprazole 40 mg with water for injection
VOMICHECKOndansetron 2mg
CBTranexamic Acid 500mg (To check Bleeding)
ACTIZID 250/1000Ceftizidime 250/1000mg
NIZOCEF-Scefaperazone 500mg +sulbactum 500mg
MINADEX-50Iron Sucrose 50mg
MINADEX-100Iron Sucrose100mg
NIZOCLAV 1.2 gmAmoxycillin 1000mg + Clavulanic acid 200mg
NIZOCLAV 275 mgAmoxycillin 250mg + Clavulanic acid 50mg